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Defiance is a pvp based guild loyal to Alethius.  We are currently an Archon guild led by Akyri.  We will always be there at defense and will help out on raids as much as possible.  However, we are not always that serious either.  As a whole we generally get along with each other and we have weekly guild events.  Although we are few, we are active, friendly, and proud citizens of Alethius.


If you are interested in joining us. Please check the forum section for applications.
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Saturday update

Akyrie, Feb 12, 11 4:11 AM.
No CS this week it seems. Just be online at 9 pm PST for our usual guild event :)

Saturday Fun stuffz

Akyrie, Feb 4, 11 11:35 PM.
CS attendance not necessary so the people online can go into help if they want to get some honor.

Guild event tomorrow night at 9 pm server time! Make sure to be online to win Kash's awesome prizes!

Temp GM for this week

Akyrie, Jan 31, 11 7:04 PM.
As you all know we will be CSing this weekend to reform the LMA. However, for this week, I've decided to take a break from being Archon. Kash will be taking over for this week (or rather until Wednesday) and I will resume my post this Saturday after CS.

EDIT: Since Evo has already signed up for CS. Kash will be taking over all the way until Saturday before CS. We will be added back the monday after and I will resume Archon :D


Akyrie, Jan 30, 11 9:36 PM.
As all of you have seen already. Apparently we lost CS yesterday and fell out of LMA. As of now, Evo's still deciding to quit so we will join Homeless with Amaterasu and SlayerInverse will be taking LM. However, we will be added into the LMA with Cottonpickers tomorrow so we will get buffs for 2 more days before we leave to CS them. Please continue to show up for raids/defenses even though we might not have buffs at the moment.

Please free up your next saturday for Castle Siege. That's all for now!
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